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RECORDING On-line hairstyle workshop "Soft Hollywood, High Knot, Boho Braid" by NIKA BELYANKO (07/06/2020)
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On-line workshop by Veronika Belyanko, a leading teacher of hairstyles in the Republic of Belarus. The opportunity to learn all the secrets of copyright technology. Overview of favorite products, new products and comparative analysis, examples of luxury brands. Actual trends and trends for creating stylish images.
1. Soft Hollywood
Soft and clean, voluminous Hollywood waves made by ironing. We will analyze the nuances of working with an iron and the principles of proper combing. Consider the latest styling
2. High Knot
Sloppy and stylish high bundle knot, "flying" air locks, imitation of bangs
3. Boho Braid
Delicate and romantic braid in the Boho style from natural texture waves, the possibility of ironing to create a variety of textures. The technique of weaving braids without the use of elastic.
Leading teacher on hairstyles, Minsk, Belarus
Hello! I am Veronika Belyanko, I create #windinhair

I am a professional hairstylist, makeup artist - for the whole 7 years, 3 of them I have been teaching. My hairstyles are light and careless, I love when the hair looks natural, as if a little shabby, and the hairstyle adorns not only the back of the head, but the girl as a whole. In addition to hairstyles, I do makeup, I really like working on the image as a whole. Here it is important for me to emphasize the natural beauty, add self-confidence, but not redraw the girl in a new way. In training, the main thing for me is to show the student how to skillfully bring to life that hairstyle, those images that arise precisely in his head. I try not to impede the imagination and develop, support the special vision of each student. I will be happy to share my knowledge, experience and just positive energy!

5 hours of video in Full HD quality from 4 angles. All in the smallest details. The effect of real presence.
Online chat with speaker Veronika Belyanko in the chat throughout the workshop. Ask questions live. Chat with other participants.
Video recording after the online workshop will be stored for 30 days. You can review, rewind and stop it at any time convenient for you to practice on the model.
Online workshop will be held in two languages - English and Russian. Now you can learn from the experience and technique of the master from any corner of the globe. You need only good internet.
A registered certificate of completion will be sent to your email. The certificate will be optimized for printing.

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You will watch the on-line workshop from 4 angles, so you can consider all the smallest details.
Saving money and time
You do not need to adjust and look for free time to attend a workshop, buy tickets, book a hotel.
Month Available
An unlimited number of views within 30 days after an on-line workshop or buying a record, review and practice on models.
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RECORDING On-line hairstyle workshop "Soft Hollywood, High Knot, Boho Braid" by NIKA BELYANKO (07/06/2020)
(Russian and English)
If you have any questions, you can write to us or call whatsapp / viber / telegram +375 29 123 5005
How to access the online broadcast of the workshop?
To get access you need to pay for the master class in any convenient way in the application form above. After payment, an e-mail will confirm the payment. The day before the workshop, you will receive a link to the online broadcast, by clicking on which you can watch the workshop and ask the speaker online questions.
Who is this workshop suitable for?
The workshop program is designed in such a way that the knowledge and information that you receive during training is easily absorbed by you. You will be able to review the record an unlimited number of times, until access to the broadcast is closed. Rewind, pause, practice on models - revising a recording of a workshop.
What should I do if I can't watch the full class?
If you missed an on-line workshop, you can watch it at your convenience at the time you bought the link or buy an on-line worshop entry (for those who have not bought an on-line workshop yet). That is why we made access to the recording for all participants in the workshop for 30 days after the event.
How will the broadcast go?
You will get access to the broadcast in FullHD quality, you can ask questions in the chat and receive answers from the teacher on-line. You will watch the on-line workshop from different angles, as several cameras will be used, so you can consider all the smallest details. To connect to the broadcast you will need any device with the Internet.
Will there be a certificate?
After passing the on-line workshop, you will receive a registered electronic certificate of participation in the format for printing by e-mail.
RECORDING On-line hairstyle workshop "Soft Hollywood, High Knot, Boho Braid" by NIKA BELYANKO (07/06/2020)
There are problems with payment, contact us whatsApp / viber / telegram +375 29 123 5005, mail onlinemk@tut.by.
We can offer you alternative payment options.
Please note that all copyrights are documented. Any copying, distribution, purchase of a "chipper" is regulated by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus and international copyright. The ticket is bought for sole viewing. Each participant receives a unique link, the record for each participant is individually encrypted, and is identified in the event of rewriting and distribution. In the event of copyright infringement, Veronika Belyanko and the organizers can apply to the judicial authorities. Please observe not only legislation, but also human and professional ethics. Veronica generously shares her talent with you, and this unique opportunity is so affordable to visit her incredible professional show!
IP Sytsevich Ekaterina Vasilievna
UNP 291245236
220114, Minsk, Turovskogo st., 14
+375 29 123 5005
from 10:00 to 22:00

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